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Shadow of the Light
I am a darkness that gives off light
I am a pitch-black mirror of night
I am a part of the opposite of me
I am the brightest shadow you will ever see
:iconkefasun:Kefasun 1 0
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Tiger Tiger
For GalaxianKing :icongalaxianking:

I had some sudden full moon inspiration, so I decided to spend it on an attempt at drawing this cute little one of yours. It just kind of... popped out to me.
I was a bit unsure as to how I should draw his mouth at this angle, so I went with what I thought was more appealing. I'm sorry if I got anything wrong, or if that musical note isn't an emote he would use, or even if you just don't like the way I drew some of his features. I at least hope this is sufficient for your liking.

Drawn to:…
(I know. I'm weird like that.)
What is order?

Order is the state of having elements arranged in a particular sequence, either logically or naturally.

Why do we need order?

Over time, it has become apparent that all beings crave order in some form. The most common reason for this basic desire is the simple process of behavioral evolution. For some, these memes may yield a great benefit. For others, they are nothing but a deterrent. The latter group, however, are not without the desire for order. Their behavioral traits are simply mismatched to the society in which they were born.

Why do you eat three times a day? Is it only because your family does? Is there any other reason?

Why do you sleep only during the night? As long as you are awake for what you need to be awake for, what is preventing you from using your time in whatever manner is most effective for you?

Once a person overcomes what their peers have deemed as “normal”, they unlock a new understanding of the usage of time. Another key to clarity of the mind.

However, in the hands of an incomplete soul, this key is a chaos. Freedom at the cost of sanity.

I've become obsessed with organizing my art. I have to do this, THEN this, THEN this. I took the key and created my own system, of which was far more flawed than any other method I had followed thus far. I realized the lack of need for this thing we call “order”, only to ironically cause my own state of disarray. A simple, repeated result of the desire to contain everything within one's own being.

Order is something natural.

Order cannot be forced.

Order will be given to those who wait and listen.

And when inspiration strikes, the path will be followed immediately, or not at all.

A Road to Traverse Alone
They loved you.

But none of them would come with you.

You threw off the shackles.

You've come so far on your own.

But what really is your dream?

What did you want so badly that you would abandon it all?

Was it something you already had?


Drawn to:…



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